Jung von Matt/Limmat and SportXX sponsor amateur athletes

SportXX and Jung von Matt/Limmat are launching a special kind of sponsorship: with the hobby sports sponsorship, the sporting goods provider is supporting five completely normal hobby athletes.


The current campaign "We take fun seriously" focuses on the joy of sports. In addition to TV, print, online and in-store measures, SportXX also launched a call for amateur sports sponsorship in the spring. More than 1,200 Swiss people responded to this call. From the 12 finalists, five amateur athletes were selected in an elaborate casting process to be sponsored with equipment and services worth 5,000 Swiss francs each. Together with a SportXX consultant, the amateur athletes are allowed to equip themselves for their sport and have recently been in action for various SportXX social media formats. In addition, there are weekly mini-sponsorships, an Instagram participation format on @sportxx_migros, in which SportXX will support many more amateur athletes until March 2018.

The B2C sponsorship is part of the extensive content campaign, which mainly takes place on Instagram as well as on the web and is driven by user-generated content with the campaign hashtags. Together with SportXX, Jung von Matt/Limmat developed the Instagram strategy including influencer measures and produces social branded content throughout the year.


SportXX on Instagram

Hobby Sports Sponsorship Website

SportXX Tips website

Responsible at SportXX: Roman Reichelt (Head of Marketing Communication), Roman Küng (Head of Communication Specialty Stores), Silvia Girtanner (Head of Communication SportXX), Sara Grieb (Project Manager Communication SportXX), Franziska Fischer (Project Manager Communication SportXX), Patrick Blum (Project Specialist Media), Ricarda von Ellerts (Project Manager SEA/SEO), Simone Blaser (Project Manager Media), Felix Sandhofer (Head of E-Commerce), Dominique Rubin (Senior Content Manager), Tom Gassmann (Project Manager Ryffel Running & Outdoor by SportXX), Chris Gerlach (Category Manager Shoes/Outdoor). Responsible at Jung von Matt/Limmat: Rob Hartmann (Creative Direction), Christina Wellnhofer, Michelle Danilschenko, Manuela Tappe (Art Direction), Sarah Ming (Text), Bettina Ehrismann, Katja Schlosser (Graphics), Christoph Kinsperger, Cosima Lang (Social Branded Content), Marco Dettling, Yves Burgener, Sibylle von Fischer, Nino Zuberbühler (Consulting), Dennis Lück (Chief Creative Officer), René Schwarz (Executive Digital Director). Responsible at Jung von Matt/Play: Michael Kindermann (Managing Director), Sandeep Abraham (Video Graphics). External partners: Claude Gasser (Photography).

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