The most dangerous job in the world: KSP launches LinkedIn movement

For Reporters Without Borders Switzerland, KSP created the world's first LinkedIn movement: "Fight for truth and freedom."


It's hard to imagine for us in Switzerland, but in many parts of the world, reporters take great risks in their work. The commitment to freedom of information is sometimes even life-threatening. To raise awareness among writers in our country and around the world, KSP and Reporters Without Borders have launched a movement on the largest professional network LinkedIn: "Fight for truth and freedom". The first movement in this form.

KSP created three fictional characters: war and crisis reporters with a curriculum vitae of horror. Peppered with brutalities drawn from real conflicts. These three sought friends around the world. And in just one month, 3773 journalists accepted. After that month, the campaign was disbanded and Reporters Without Borders revealed itself as the sender. But now the movement really took off.

Because now ads disguised as job ads were posted on job portals, surely the worst job offers in the world. Since then, the new journalist friends have been committed to helping Reporters Without Borders actively spread the word and share it with the world. More about Reporters Without Borders Switzerland:

Responsible at Reporters without Borders Switzerland: Bettina Büsser (Coordinator German-speaking Switzerland). Responsible at KSP Krieg Schlupp Partner: Benny Goldstein (CD); Patrick Bucher (text/concept); Selina Russian (graphics); Michael Vogel (consulting); Daniel Krieg (overall responsibility); Craft367 (film).

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