Artist paints official markings for Graubünden hiking trails

Jung von Matt/Limmat and Graubünden Ferien are launching the national as well as international hiking campaign for the Grisons region. For this purpose, the official hiking trail markings, which have always been made by hand, are newly painted and interpreted by a renowned artist so that they fit better with the landscape.


"We want to do justice to the beauty of our nature, right down to the smallest detail," says Martin Vincenz, CEO of Graubünden Ferien. For this reason, the tourist marketing organization, in cooperation with the Graubünden Civil Engineering Office and the BAW Bündner Wanderwege, came up with something special: Landscape painter Stefan Rüesch designed 15 new hiking trail markings and put them in context with Graubünden's nature. In this way, every spot becomes a masterpiece.

Artful hiking trail markings

From now on, five of the artistic motifs will point the way along three Grisons hiking routes. They are kept in the typical white-red-white, but bear Rüesch's signature. The Grisons artist has intensively studied the respective landscape and expresses its character in a stylized way in his works. Nevertheless, the signs function as hiking trail markers and are clearly recognizable as such.

Each marker tells a story

The three selected hiking trails are located in the different language regions of the canton of Graubünden and are characterized by a different landscape. The artistic markers bear titles such as "The Rock Alley," "A Thousand Horizons," "Green Columns" or "The Rushing of the Palü." To ensure that all visitors can understand Rüesch's interpretations, an explanatory plaque will be placed next to each marker. "The idea of combining nature with art and utility appealed to me right away. It was a matter of the heart to implement this project for Graubünden," says the artist about his work.

At the heart of the "Every Spot a Masterpiece" campaign is the film of the same name, which documents how Stefan Rüesch redesigns the hiking trail markings. "Our goal was to create a film that would bring the beauty of Graubünden's nature to the world and thereby inspire people to go hiking. We succeeded in doing so in a natural and authentic way," says Dennis Lück, Chief Creative Officer of Jung von Matt/Limmat.

Responsible at Graubünden Ferien: Martin Vincenz (CEO), Clemens Bartlome (Head of Product and Experience Marketing), Marc Held (Social Media / Enavant Grischun), Roland Signer (Corporate Communications). Responsible at Jung von Matt/Limmat: Alain Eicher (Text), Johannes Dörig, Lukas Frischknecht (Art Direction), Nathalie Eggen (Media Relations & Content), Marie Vuilleumier, Marco Dettling (Consulting), Fabrizio Rutishauser, Pepe Kägi (Image Editing/Production), Dennis Lück (Chief Creative Officer). External partners: Lukas Wälli (direction and photography), Rocket Film (film production), Stefan Rüesch (artist), Jingle Jungle (sound).

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