Digital TV also for aliens

Word has spread to the far corners of the galaxy that boredom is a thing of the past with Sunrise Digital TV. At least in the current TBWA\Zurich campaign.


Since Sunrise Digital TV is also included in the Sunrise One package, TBWA\Zurich has structured the current campaign as a humorous continuation story. While two aliens are annoyed by their boring TV, they discover Roger Federer with Sunrise Digital TV in a clip from the last Sunrise campaign. It quickly becomes clear: they need that, too. Besides Roger Federer, the two aliens are also world-famous. Because in the costumes were none other than Aidan Cook a.k.a Bobbajo from Star Wars and Ross Mullan a.k.a White Walker from Game of Thrones. Together, they make Sunrise Digital TV a truly intergalactic proposition.

The campaign consists of TV, billboards, print, online advertising, POS, onsite placements, newsletters and social media. It will be on air until the end of September.


Responsible agency: TBWA\Switzerland. Film production: Stories. Media agency: Mediatonic. Media Services: RTK Media Technology.

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