FCB Zurich launches action film for Allianz Cinema Day

In 2017, the ProCinema association, the new title sponsor Allianz and numerous other partners will again be inviting visitors to the cinema for the price of 5 francs. FCB Zurich is once again responsible for the communicative appearance.


On 3 September, the public can watch a film for 5 francs in over 230 cinemas in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Last year's premiere attracted more than three times as many visitors to the screens as a normal Sunday. Following this successful start to the event, FCB Zurich's communications presence is also entering its second round.

This year, FCB Zurich is once again announcing Allianz Cinema Day with a commercial in the form of a trailer. This shows in the style of an action film how exciting, dangerous and adventurous September 3, 2017 will be. The epic film is supported by action-packed online and social media measures as well as the tried-and-tested poster concept, which focuses on cinema-goers.

Responsible at ProCinema: Claude Ruey (President ProCinema), René Gerber (Secretary General ProCinema), Brigitte Müller/BM Conseils (Marketing and Project Management Alliance Cinema Day), Cédric Bourquard/Swiss Cinema Association (SKV), Patrick Becker/Warner Bros. Entertainment, Marco Schärer/The Walt Disney Company, Stephanie Steinmann (Project Team Alliance Cinema Day). Responsible at FCB Zurich: Flavio Meroni, Sören Schröder (Creative Direction), Olivia Schläpfer, Elgee Wee (Art Direction), Kelsang Gope, Dominik Brülisauer (Copywriter), Jonas Brändli, Julia Martinez (Consulting), Olivier Walther (Photo). Responsible at Werbefilm Schweiz (film production): Micheel Nwaisser (Director), Adrian Cranage (DOP), Federico Dreves (Executive Producer), Gregory Panizzutti (Producer). Other responsible parties: Great Garbo (music), Tonstudios Z (sound design), Soul.media (programming website).

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