Ogilvy: Getting on the elephant for Emmi Energy Milk

An Emmi Energy Milk campaign created by Ogilvy Zurich has been in use for a good year and a half, focusing primarily on marketing the High Protein line. In the spring of this year, the classic and online advertising media were supplemented by a life campaign.


To this end, Ogilvy brought to life the main subject from the communication concept, a young man doing push-ups with an elephant on his back, and created the "Emmi Energy Milk Challenge". The participants, who supposedly have what it takes to be a superman, competed against each other in various disciplines. All tasks - whether long jump or skill course - had to be mastered with an elephant as a weighty handicap.


The professionally moderated challenges were filmed and published on Emmi Energy Milk's social media channels. Here, users could subsequently submit tips on the respective competitions and win a prize each time.

Further challenges are on the Facebook channel of Emmi Energy Milk.

Responsible at Emmi Switzerland: Jolanda Vögeli (Group Brand Manager), Mirjam Muri (Brand Manager), Janine Posselt (Intern). Film production: DC Pictures. Responsible agency: Ogilvy Zurich.

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