Goods for advertising: The agency Faktor Vier engages in barter trade

Faktor Vier, a Lucerne-based digital communications agency, is pursuing a new approach to acquisition with its proprietary "Kuhhandel" campaign. The idea: The agency gets the order and the client can trade half of the order volume with their own goods.


Factor Four offers this horse trading in three categories Furniture, Food & Multimedia. In each case, Swiss furniture stores, retailers, or electronics stores apply with a project in the respective category. Faktor Vier then selects a winner for each category.

All three winners receive a 50 percent discount in the bid to the order. Faktor Vier purchases goods from the individual winners with the other half of the volume. The motto: swap instead of pay.

There is no deadline in the form of a date. The winner will be drawn by Faktor Vier as soon as at least five eligible companies have applied in this category.


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