Y&R and PostFinance find: "No more collecting loyalty points!"

Die Y&R Group Switzerland bewirbt PostFinance Benefit – die neuartige, digitale Lösung zum Geldsparen beim Einkaufen im Geschäft oder online. Gleichzeitig ist es die erste Kampagne im neuen Markenauftritt von PostFinance.


The launch campaign of Y&R Group Switzerland consists of two stories that are played online and on TV. A stringent typo appearance and content marketing flank the stories in digital channels (OOH, mobile, social, search).

The focus is on the concrete benefit of the solution: Instead of collecting loyalty points, you are directly reimbursed the amount of money. This is dramatized in the commercials with a wink. PostFinance Benefit thus addresses the weak point of any loyalty points program: the personal relevance of the offers.

With PostFinance Benefit After opting in, everyone receives behavior-based suggestions for suitable discounts. After the purchase, the user receives cashback directly to his or her account. Companies independently publicize the discounted offer to affinity target groups. The private customer remains anonymous while benefiting.

Responsible at PostFinance: Ursula Käser, Nicole Walker, Martin Hügli, Ralf Stüber (control). Silvan Merki, Mario Agostino (Conception). Giuseppe Luciano, Lilian Buss, Dennis Lengacher (Marketing Private Clients). Stephan Bucher, André Zölch (Marketing Business Customers). Pascal Frey, Remy Spicher, Ronny Kupferschmid (Realization). Responsible at Y&R Group Switzerland: Markus Gut (Executive Creative Direction), Benjamin Franken (Creative Direction), Stephanie Belvedere (Art Direction/Concept), Anna Leudolph (Text/Concept), Sandro Tschuor (Group Account Director), Tamar Hächler (Senior Account Executive), Livia Hochstrasser (Account Executive), Lukas Diem (Strategy), Elias Zurbuchen (Desktop Publishing), Rafael Tucev (Programming), Rafael Grob (Graphics), Leonardo Sanfilippo/Alessandra Dolci (Production).

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