Search instead of googling

After an agency evaluation, chose Leo Burnett Switzerland. The newly developed branding campaign positions as the search engine for everything you want to find quickly and easily in everyday life.


From the right phone number to the best bike route, the local weather, the next train connection or the longed-for movie night to the daily TV program: What Switzerland searches for most often in everyday life, it finds most quickly and easily on

This is exactly what the new campaign plays on, positioning as a simple and targeted alternative to the international competition. Because while elsewhere you can quickly get lost in an unhealthy excess of information, on users only find what they are really looking for. Without any detours and always checked for relevance and topicality.

The new image campaign can now be seen nationwide online, in print and on posters.


Responsible at Christina Hoffmann (Head of Marketing), Florence Studer (Communications Manager), Miriam Westermann (Senior Marketing Manager). Responsible at Leo Burnett Switzerland: Axel Eckstein (ECD), Bastian Otter (text), Christoff Strukamp, Mathieu Chollet (art direction), Dominik Mätzener, Lara Cavelti (consulting), Suzana Kovacevic (art buying). Film production: Pumpkin Film (production), Justin Reardon (director), Jingle Jungle (sound studio).

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