Wirz and Feldschlösschen enter the second round with the Craft campaign

Feldschlösschen wants to shake up the specialty beer market. Following the broad launch of the "Wheat," "Hop," and "Dark" varieties, Wirz's campaign is now entering its second round.


This year, the young brewmasters of the traditional brand from Rheinfelden are breaking completely new ground and are the first beer manufacturer in Switzerland to succeed in making specialty beers attractive to a mass market: In 2017, three new beer varieties will be launched on the Swiss market at once, with which Feldschlösschen aims to appeal to a young and modern target group - with a new taste and a new design.

The flagship of the new varieties, so to speak, is "Weizen," brewed along Belgian lines: "It's Feldschlösschen's first wheat beer ever," explains Brand Director Jérôme Rueff. "Fruity in taste and brewed in the Belgian style with the addition of coriander seeds and orange peel, Feldschlösschen Weizen has everything a trendy beer needs today. Of course, that includes how it's served: preferably with a slice of orange stuck to the glass."


Feldschlösschen's new range also includes "Hopfen", a cold-hopped novelty with 5.3 percent by volume, as well as "Dunkel", the former "Dunkle Perle", which now also comes in a new can and a new design.

The new specialty beers mark Feldschlösschen's biggest national launch of the current year. Communications were correspondingly broad, generating a total of around 50 million contacts across the whole of Switzerland.

The event kicked off with a "Castle Sampling" of the new varieties on the premises of the Schlossbrauerei, which generated 142,000 Facebook views in addition to many participants on site.

The TV commercial featuring the three young and likeable brewers known from "Braufrisch" reached over 70 percent of the total population.

Under #firstsip, influencers were also used for the first time in the service of the new range: In a campaign for the launch phase, for example, Baschi, Manillio and Janosch Nietlispach outed themselves as fans of the new specialty beers.

Digital bannering and in-stream video reached 20 percent of the Swiss population. Additional attention was given to the launch by various social media activities, which were seen by almost 1.5 million Swiss, broad sampling across a wide range of channels, a poster flight, promotional ads and special appearances at POP.

From calendar week 25, the second flight of the campaign will now start, following the high-reach launch in February 2017.

Responsible at Feldschlösschen: Regina Wurz-Janssens (VP Marketing), Jérôme Rueff (Brand Director), Claudio Grolimund (Senior Brand Manager), Michelle Lingg (Junior Brand Manager), Dominique Zingg (Brand Manager), Flavio Biribicchi (Junior Brand Manager). Responsible at Wirz: Hanspeter Schweizer (Creative Director), Luca Schneider (Art Director), Stephanie Lüscher (Graphics), Gordon Nemitz (Strategy), Adrian Huwyler (Digital Director), Nino Zuberbühler, Yves Rückert, Jil Rottmann, Tina Mons (Consulting). Production and post-production: Markenfilm Schweiz, Producer: Florian Studer, Director: Benjamin Brettschneider, Camera: Filip Zumbrunn, Music: Spacetrain, Sound: Jingle Jungle. Responsible at OMD: Jonathan Zürcher (Account Director), Tina Di Bartolomeo (Account Manager). Responsible at Goldbach Interactive: René Schoedon (Head of Digital Creation & Production), Benedict Ritschel (Rich Media/Frontend Developer), Christina Tobler (Social Media Consultant).

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