At high speed through ETH Zurich

Seed has created a film portrait of a somewhat different kind for ETH.


In close cooperation with the ETH Zurich's university communications department, Seed has created a new film portrait. The challenge was to create a film that expresses the ETH's self-image and also clearly differs from classic portraits of other universities.

The film invites the viewer on a fast-paced, humorous journey through the ETH, which corresponds exactly to the duration of a Polybahn ride. The film demands the utmost attention from the viewer. All content is conveyed exclusively via written text and clip-like images, driven by a rhythmic soundtrack.

The film will be used in presentations and events as well as on the ETH Zurich website and in social media.


Responsible at ETH Zurich: Rainer Borer, Andrea Lingk, Simon Zogg. Responsible at Seed Audio-Visual Communication: Adrian Wisard (director, animation, soundtrack), Christoph Hess (screenplay), Marc Bachmann (camera), Bettina Frymerman (production manager), Felix Courvoisier (producer).

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