M-Budget and Jung von Matt declare war on Monday grumpiness

Under the motto "Thank God it's Monday," M-Budget has been chasing away the bad Monday mood of young people since last week. On Monday, actions and content are to ensure a good mood. The target group is addressed via the social media channels and the content hub Tgimonday.ch.


Tired from the weekend, getting up early, having five workdays ahead of you, resolving to eat less sweets again for the new week, and doing more sports first - all that is Monday. And all that sucks. So why not do something good and sweeten up the least popular day of the week for young people? That's exactly what M-Budget thought and started a revolution against the lousy mood of Generation Y and Z on Mondays. The aim is to turn the least popular day of the week into a weekly highlight with entertaining, surprising content and to create a good mood with promotions and competitions.

With guerrilla campaigns in Zurich, Bern, Basel, Lucerne and Lausanne, the cult Migros brand surprised young Swiss people where they are at the start of the week: At universities, technical colleges and vocational schools. Whether with a free breakfast in exchange for a smile, with demonstration groups that paraded through the busiest streets with banners on the theme of Monday, or with young people waving slogans as at the "Speakers' Corner" - the measures attracted the attention of young and old alike, according to the press release.


The launch was accompanied by a film and distributed as video content on M-Budget's owned channels. For the additional announcement of the message "Thank God It's Monday" on social media, M-Budget cooperated with the influencers Andrea Monica Hug, Pascal Erb, Cielle Noire and Morgane Schaller for the launch of the campaign and called on the community to become part of the Monday revolution with the hashtags #TGIMonday and #mbudget.

7_Instagram-Post Pascal Erb
8_Instagram-Post Morgane Schaller
9_TGIMonday Multi-Screen

Responsible at the Federation of Migros Cooperatives: Nadine Hess (Head of Brand Management and Product Range Profiling), Bettina Huwyler (Project Manager Brand Management M-Budget), Rita Lutz (Project Manager Digital Communications), Sara Osmani (Online Communications Manager), Valeria Marra (Project Manager Media), Patrick Blum (Project Specialist Media). Responsible at Jung von Matt/Limmat: Wolfgang Bark (creative direction), Ennio Cadau, Isabel Stenner (text), Cansu Sezer, Matthias Fürst (art direction), Joelle Hauser, Tanja Jablanovic (graphic and screen design), Julia Fischhaber (media relations, influencer marketing and content), Fernando Gort, Julia Grass, Thomas Steiner (consulting). External partners: Truestory (Film), Christina Baeriswyl (Illustration), TitPit (Event Agency), Daniel Crespo (OMD Account Director), Peter Schachtler (OMD Account Manager), Linda Zittlau (OMD Digital Planner), Webrepublic.

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