Branders develops content marketing strategy and platform for Atupri

The Zurich-based consulting firm Branders develops the content marketing strategy and launches the initiative based on the brand positioning.


Atupri health insurance supports and empowers people to make the right decisions for their health on a self-determined basis. The core idea here is that people already have everything they need to live their health. And Atupri is by their side. Atupri sees itself as a motivator and coach in all aspects of life - even in the very simple things like nutrition, relaxation and exercise.

At this summer, five people will be portrayed who want to do something for their health over several months. Five individuals who live their lives as healthily as possible. Five courageous people who take their chances for a healthy life. From the freelance journalist, feminist and globetrotter, to the ex-peak swimmer and the hut warden at 2,500 meters above sea level. They all face healthy challenges. Because everything they need to live their health, they already have.

Interviews with health experts complement the various health topics of the protagonists with further information. With this initiative Atupri wants to invite the whole of Switzerland to more health and show how you can do something for your health with very simple means. The health platform can be experienced for four months from May 15 and is linked to social media activities on Instagram as well as on Facebook and Twitter.


Responsible at Atupri: Kaspar Trachsel (Head of Marketing and Sales and Member of the Executive Board), Regula Meier (Head of Marketing Communications), Angela Wälti (Marketing Specialist), Melanie Egger (Online Marketing Specialist), Barbara Gnägi (Social Media Manager), Silvia Stauffacher (Marketing Specialist), Roman Brühlmann (Online Marketing Specialist). Responsible at Branders: René Allemann (CEO), Thom Pfister (Creative Director), Pascal Geissbühler (Head of Strategy), Marisa Güntlisberger (Senior Brand Consultant Omnichannel Experience), Maria Fahringer (Senior Brand Designer), Dorothee Aargast (Brand Designer), Damian Hess (Brand Designer), Katja Wölfel (Senior Copywriter), Ina Bernhardt (Brand Consultant), Barbara Huber (Junior Brand Consultant), Martin Fähnrich (Video Journalist), Thomas Hausheer (Creative Brand Technologist), Roberto Ceschi (Web Engineer). External partners: Image and Content (production teaser and trailer films), Reto Caduff (direction & screenplay), Rahel Morgen (production management), Stephan Huwyler (cameraman), Adrian Aeschbacher (editing/postproduction).

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