Erdmannpeisker ages the "Win for Life" winners for Swisslos

Erdmannpeisker shows in the latest Swisslos campaign: Whoever wins at "Win for Life" can look forward to a long time.


The "Win for Life" ticket is a classic and one of the most popular scratch tickets in the Swisslos range. After all, it entices with a very special promise: "Win 4,000 every month for 20 years".

Erdmannpeisker stages this precisely on the current posters with a multiplication of the cheering winners, which age over the years. The motifs will be seen throughout Switzerland on posters, advertisements, and at the point of sale starting in June.

Responsible at Swisslos Intercantonal National Lottery: Rolf Kunz (Head of Marketing & Distribution), Marco Bacchetta (Head of Product Management Lots), Anouk Grünert (Product Management Lots). Responsible at Erdmannpeisker: Gabriel Peisker, Sybille Erdmann (overall responsibility), Patrick Fawer (art direction), Selina Helbling (consulting), Daniela Karrer (media design), Jonathan Heyer (photographer), All in production (production), Michèle Aschmann (image editing), Mediafactor Bern (media planning).

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