Experience nature made easy

Leo Burnett has created a new campaign for fruit juice producer Ramseier.


Climbing courses, manager retreats in the sweat lodge, and closets full of high-tech rain jackets: Everyone wants to get back to nature. Unfortunately, though, few have any idea how to do it. This is the basic idea behind the new campaign Leo Burnett developed for Ramseier. In two spots we accompany city dwellers on their excursions into nature, which end rather uncomfortably. Conclusion: You want to get back to nature? Just drink Ramseier. Because for over 100 years, Ramseier has been producing fruit juices made from 100% natural ingredients.

The spots can be seen immediately on TV and are supported by product ads, online as well as at POS.

Responsible at Ramseier Suisse: Team Brand Management Ramseier. Responsible at Leo Burnett Switzerland: Barbara Hartmann, Anna Leudolph, Franziska Pennington (creation); David Fischer (CD); Martin Stulz (ECD); Christoph Schwarz, Michela Iseli (consulting); Suzana Kovacevic (art buying); Shining Pictures (production); Stevan Treshow (direction); Daniel Valance (photographer); Mediaschneider (media planning).

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