Crossfive and Sporttip enter the second half with Gilbert Gress

The national multichannel campaign "Gilbert's Tip" has just entered its second round. It was developed by the Basel advertising agency Crossfive for Sporttip.


Sporttip is the only official sports betting provider in Switzerland and also sponsors the Raiffeisen Super League. With Gilbert Gress, the Swiss football expert par excellence could be won for the extraordinary campaign.


In a three-round betting game, soccer fans compete on a microsite with the expert Gilbert Gress, who is as accomplished as he is popular. The tips submitted are immediately commented on by the cult coach. Naturally in his usual quick-witted and original style. Users can immediately redeem any game credits they have won online for Sporttip.


The campaign is designed to attract customers and is spread over three phases. Advertising takes place out of home, online, social media and at the POS. Crossfive also uses programmatic advertising to reach online sports fans and target potential new customers. Furthermore, an additional raffle with a recommendation mechanism increases the reach of the campaign microsite. At the point of sale, a betting wheel serves as an eye-catcher - sports tip players are thus also offered a decision-making aid at the POS.


Profit sum output was maximized by differentiated profit distribution using customer class definitions.

Responsible at Swisslos Intercantonal National Lottery: Rolf Kunz, Matthias Brun, Yannick Zehnder.
Responsible at Crossfive advertising agency: Gabriel Körte, Martin Wyss, Michael Wenk, Alex Stürzinger, Michel Kaiser, Markus Gemperle

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