Talking helps: Schwindl Schär encourages self-help

The Swiss Self-Help Day takes place on 21 May. On the occasion of this day, Schwindl Schär has produced three short spots for Self-Help Switzerland that tackle the topic of self-help in a fresh way.


Talking helps. That is the slogan of Self-Help Switzerland, the national coordination office for the regional self-help centres. This is the motto of the Swiss Self-Help Day on 21 May, with activities in twelve cities and a gala event in Olten.

The Basel advertising agency Schwindl Schär has staged the topic of self-help in three different short commercials. All three spots rely on symbolic images: The cloud above the head dissolves as soon as the person concerned enters into conversation with others, the spiral instead of the face disappears in the dialogue.

The films have been implemented in a very straightforward icon style in the signal colours of Self-Help Switzerland. Three motifs were each produced in three languages and are broadcast on e-boards and e-panels at train stations, in buses and trams in various cities in German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland. In addition, they can be seen on the Internet as Facebook and Google Ads.

Responsible at Selbsthilfe Schweiz: Pascal Pfister. Responsible at Schwindl Schär: Michael Schär (concept, consulting, project management), Philip Schwindl (concept, design), Dirk Koy (production)

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