Leo Burnett creates a declaration of love for the face for Migros

Leo Burnett has created a new spot for Migros' facial care products.


The products of Migros Personal Care also offer everything for daily facial care, among other things. Migros advertises this in the third TV spot of the campaign developed by Leo Burnett "Your body does a lot for you. Give it something back." The spot follows a young woman in various situations and shows all the things her face does for her and has to put up with - from pillow prints to emotional outbursts to declarations of love from the unexpected.

Responsible at Migros Genossenschafts-Bund: Roman Reichelt (Head of Marketing Communications), Nadine Hess (Head of Own Brand Management), Alexander Herrmann (Head of Product Range Communication), Patrizia Keller (Project Manager Product Range Communication), Aline Maritz (Intern Product Range Communication), Marlon Chng (Project Manager Digital Communication), Simone Blaser (Project Manager Media). Responsible at Leo Burnett: Franziska Pennington, Vanessa Mermoud (Creation), David Fischer (CD), Martin Stulz (ECD), Michael Gassler, Christoph Schwarz, Michela Iseli (Consulting); Suzana Kovacevic (Art Buying). Responsible film: Rosas & Co (production), Anne Marie Vandeputte (direction), Sizzer Amsterdam (music), Jingle Jungle (sound). Collaboration on web presence: OMD, Linda Zittlau.

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