Republica filmed the title celebration of SC Bern from the perspective of the cup

At the end of the ice hockey season, all eyes are usually on the championship trophy. Republica has made the trophy look back for once on the occasion of the renewed title win of its client SC Bern.


The Bernese agency Republica has realized an extraordinary video on behalf of SC Bern to celebrate the renewed championship title. For the first time, the triumph story is told from the perspective of the cup. For the realization of the novel idea, two action cameras (FDR-X3000R) were attached to the object of desire in cooperation with partner Sony, accompanying the trophy on its journey. The result is unique insights into the world and rituals of a freshly crowned champion team - from the dressing room to the triumphal procession through a capital full of fans.

Responsible at SC Bern: Rolf Bachmann (COO), Nicole Giroud (Head of Marketing Events & Services). Responsible at Sony Europe Limited: Stefan Streit (Sales Manager Consumer Business). Roja-films (Editing), Melvyn Buss (Music).

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