Klar puts Radio 24 in the spotlight

In the campaign developed by Klar for the realignment of Radio 24, the presenters set the tone a little differently for once.


Radio 24 Managing Director Florian Wanner on the realignment: "Radio 24 wants to recapture the top position in the Zurich radio landscape with a sharpened profile. The program content has been optimized to meet the needs of the target group: the best music mix, compact and relevant information and entertaining presenters who get to the heart of the presentations. A lot of new and surprising things will be added in the course of the year in order to continuously increase the attractiveness and entertainment value".

Klar has developed a cross-media campaign that serves and combines various digital and analogue channels. The focus is on the best music mix, which is the most important criterion for listener loyalty. Klar has therefore invited five Radio 24 presenters onto the campaign stage. They heat things up and convey the message of the realignment musically - with a dynamism that even makes print subjects resound. The TVC is musically supported by an original composition by NJP Studios. Formally, an independent and striking mixture of real image and illustration was developed. This design platform offers a lot of potential and flexibility for further developments and channel-appropriate implementations. Be it for static or moving productions.

R24_2017_F12_NICK (1)
R24_2017_F12_MAXIMILIAN (1)
R24_2017_F12_DOMINIK (1)

The cross-media campaign launched at the beginning of May includes: Posters , ads, TV/cinema spot and online advertising media. Radio 24 vehicles, Zurich taxis, buses and trams, as well as various carriers such as adscreens, social media and give-aways.


Responsible at Radio 24: Barbara Novak (Marketing Manager), Florian Wanner (Managing Director), Nicola Bomio (Program Manager). Responsible for brands at Klar: Marcel Benz (strategy/consulting), Peter Trüb, Lionel Büttner and Manuel Griestock (concept/creation).Responsible at NJP Studios: Leoš Gerteis, Andreas Rosales and Jeffrey Rulloda (Postproduction/Animation and Music Composition/Sound TVC). Responsible at Kaltenegger Design: Jasmin Kaltenegger (Production Online Advertising). Photo/Film: Christian Dietrich.

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