Maxomedia increases new registrations for Gleis7 with Youtube challenges

To bring young people to, SBB relies on influencer marketing with Swiss Youtubers.

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Their names are Maanuli, Zinus and Cubanito. Together, they have around 422,000 subscribers on the video portal - mainly young people. They therefore offer ideal access to the target group of, the SBB youth platform for 13 to 25-year-olds. In Maxomedia's latest campaign, the Youtubers mobilize their fans and draw attention to the platform, which now also offers the "Adventure Battle" in addition to ideas for travel and leisure.

Youtube fans open Gleis 7 account

In the "Adventure Battle", three Youtubers each produce a video on a specific topic and compete against each other. They call on their audience to vote for them and thus increase traffic on To vote for their favorite, fans must log in with their Track 7 account - or open one if they don't already have one.

High range

The twelve Youtubers face changing challenges in four encounters. From gamers to fashionistas and sportspeople, a broad mix of genres was chosen to ensure the greatest possible reach. The experience compass provides suitable leisure ideas for each challenge. The challenges are presented by the gleis7 crew: since last summer, four young athletes from trend sports have been at the helm of the platform.

Users can win attractive prizes for each challenge - including tickets for an event at the end of the year. In this final, the four winners of the challenges will once again compete live against each other. The involvement of the fans ensures that there is plenty of material on social media. Follow-up reports round off the campaign.

Website visitors doubled

The themes of the individual challenges fit in with SBB's overall communication and are aligned with the seasonal focal points. Media support is provided by and Friday. Paid posts (publicity reports) and advertisements on the youth news portal and in the lifestyle magazine help to increase awareness of the YouTube challenges. With success: in the first few weeks after the launch, recorded twice as many users as usual. The number of new registrations even jumped by a factor of 2.5.

Responsible at SBB: Reto Meissner (Head of Marketing Communication), Dominic Lüthy (Campaign Manager Children and Youth Marketing), Franziska Kellenberger (Head of Dialog Marketing Communication), Marion Renn (Dialog Manager). Responsible at Maxomedia: Bernhard Herzig (Overall responsibility), Reto Schild (Creative Director), Lena Jaggi, Nathalie Stephani (Consulting), Daniel Rödel (Art Direction), Antonia Bekiaris (Concept/Text), Chantal Wyss, Yves Krähenbühel (Graphic Design), Franca Eggli (Screen Design), Christian Stampfli (Technical Director), Laura Kistler (Digital Producer), Stefan Kiener (Frontend Development), Andreas Schmid (Backend Development). Photography: Pascal Triponez. Video: Supporting movie. Animation: Noah Moor.

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