The wilderness begins in the Sihl Valley Railway

To draw the attention of Zurich commuters to the wilderness park, Face created a wilderness park wagon in partnership with Aroma.


The campaign was implemented on behalf of Zürcher Kantonalbank, SZU (Sihltal Zürich Uetliberg Bahn) and Wildnispark Zürich.

The implementation required a lot of innovation, commitment and passion from all parties. The preparations amounted to a whole year. First and foremost, the installation had to meet fire and safety regulations. For the conversion, all seat compartment walls, ceilings, grab rails and floor areas of a specially provided train car were completely covered.

Due to the foiling, you get the feeling of standing in the middle of the Sihlwald. The forest scenes shown are original photographs from the Sihlwald. These come from the photographer Peider Grob. In the "forest" animals were placed, which can be marveled at in the wilderness park Langenberg. With the wilderness park wagon, the SZU also celebrates its 125th anniversary.

A competition, which is also used in other communication channels, completes the campaign.


Responsible at Zürcher Kantonalbank: Tania Cambeiro (Project Manager Sponsorship Engagements). Responsible at SZU: Marco Graf (Marketing Department Manager). Responsible at the Wildnispark Zürich: Judith Falusi (Head of Marketing, Member of the Management Board), Bianca Guggenheim (Communications). Responsible at Face: Phil Klaes (Project Management, AD), Lara Spescha & Sharon Rieser (Film and Image). Responsible at Aroma: Larissa Prazak (Head of Implementation & Production), Philipp Häcki (Graphics & Design), Valentin Mutzner (Implementation & Production).

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