National youth campaign for UBS: Tell the star where to go

UBS is kicking off the spring with a good dose of entertainment. As part of the national youth campaign "Star Manager", young people can take part in a competition to help the fictional teen star Kashton as a manager. Equipe is responsible for the concept and implementation of the campaign.


He has everything: fame, style, thousands of fans - and problems. That's why the fictional teen star Kashton is looking for a manager to help him out. Those who accept the challenge sign up on the landing page the manager's contract and is subsequently presented with a new decision by Kashton every week. The choice often has surprising consequences and either positively or negatively affects the commission, which, with a bit of luck, is paid out to the manager in the form of KeyClub points at the end of the campaign.

With gamification and entertainment, Equipe relies on two increasingly important advertising styles to pick up digital natives on their smartphones. Various incentive systems and a campaign architecture geared to the user behavior of the target group also ensure high organic penetration. The campaign focuses on social media. This is supplemented by display and video ads, radio spots, and regional activities.

Responsible at UBS: Daniel Fischer (Head of Marketing, UBS Switzerland), Lucia Rutishauser (Marketing Key Account Management Private Clients), Sanja Rikanovic (Digital Marketing). Responsible agency: Equipe.

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