La Liberté appeals to young people

Wapico has created a new image campaign for the Fribourg daily newspaper La Liberté.


La Liberté, the last independent daily newspaper in French-speaking Switzerland, has been working with the advertising and communications agency Wapico for a good dozen years.

This year's image campaign is aimed specifically at a younger audience, without ignoring the traditional tasks of a traditional daily newspaper: To illuminate and convey information with factual backgrounds - globally, nationally and locally.

Wapico has designed and implemented an illustrative campaign: striking, clear and with a touch of wit or irony, the subjects take up current topics from politics, business and sports. They can be seen on social media platforms, web banners, advertisements and posters - with the aim of encouraging an interested, younger target audience to engage in active news dialog in a surprising way.


Responsible at La Liberté: Armand Goy (marketing management); Patricia Roos-Maradan and Claudia Zavattero (advertising management). Responsible at Wapico: René Walker, (creative direction and consulting); Charlotte Walker (graphics); Olaf Pilleri (consulting).

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