SportXX and Jung von Matt/Limmat take fun seriously

SportXX and Jung von Matt/Limmat launch a new brand campaign that focuses on the joy of sports. On board on all channels: the SportXX employees.


The conscientious approach to fun is something typically Swiss. SportXX and Jung von Matt/Limmat are now making this the theme of the new brand campaign "We take fun seriously". The recreational athlete is primarily concerned with the joy and fun of the activity. To make the fun even greater, SportXX employees - all of them recreational athletes themselves - give their all day after day. With advice at eye level, excellent service, top products and sometimes with unusual offers. SportXX can thus justifiably claim: "We take fun seriously".

To kick things off, SportXX is launching "amateur athlete sponsorship": SportXX is looking for amateur athletes who - just like a professional - want comprehensive advice and support. Interested parties can apply at apply.


Jung von Matt/Limmat developed the Instagram strategy for SportXX and produces social branded content throughout the year for Instagram.


The campaign starts with the themes "Running" and "Bike" as well as the hobby sports sponsorship call via social media.

Responsible at SportXX: Roman Reichelt (Head of Marketing Communication), Roman Küng (Head of Communication Specialty Stores), Silvia Girtanner (Head of Communication SportXX), Nadia Falce (Project Manager Communication SportXX), Sara Grieb (Project Manager Communication SportXX), Stefanie Rübenacker (Project Manager Communication SportXX), Nora Müller (Project Manager Communication SportXX), Roman A. Müller (Head of SportXX), Christian Gerlach (Category Manager Shoes/Outdoor), Martin Bodenmann (Head of POP Management), Felix Sandhofer (Head of E-Commerce), Dominique Rubin (Senior Content Manager), David Wallmer (Trainee Markomm); Patrick Blum (Project Specialist Media); Ricarda von Ellerts (Project Manager SEA/SEO); Simone Blaser (Project Manager Media). Responsible at Jung von Matt/Limmat: Dennis Lück (Chief Creative Officer), Rob Hartmann (Creative Director), Johannes Raggio (Creative Director), Hanja Baruschke (Creative Director Digital), Christina Wellnhofer (Art Director), Michelle Danilschenko (Art Director Digital), Manuela Tappe (Art Director Digital), Sarah Ming (Copywriter), Jan Kempter (Copywriter), Bettina Ehrismann (Graphic Designer), Katja Schlosser (Graphic Designer) Marco Dettling (Consulting Group Leader), Jeanette Hummel (Consultant), Yves Burgener (Consultant), Nino Zuberbühler (Consultant Digital), Christoph Kinsperger (Senior PR Consultant), Cosima Lang (PR Specialist). Responsible at Jung von Matt/play: Michael Kindermann (Managing Director), Sandeep Abraham (Videographer). External partners: Pumpkin Film (production), Alex Feil (director), Julian Hohndorf (camera), Caro Büchel and Christopher Nowak (producer), Jingle Jungle (sound/sound), Daniel Crespo (account director, OMD).

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