Zurich now has its own Spross streetcar - Kreisvier designed it

Kreisvier creates a breather in the green for VBZ passengers.


This year, the Zurich-based company Spross celebrates its 125th anniversary. For this occasion, the Basel agency Kreisvier was allowed to design a unique streetcar, which is now on the road on VBZ lines 11, 14 and 15.

"We simply want to infect the city a little with our joy at the anniversary," says CEO Natalie Spross Döbeli. And the agency team clearly enjoyed designing the streetcar as well. The basis is a likeable garden monster whose depiction plays with the shape of the Cobra streetcar. It is resolved with the message "Spross has been taming every garden for 125 years".


The four streetcar cars are each assigned to a Spross theme in the interior: Gardening and Landscaping, Real Estate, Waste Management and, of course, the 125-year history. Here, too, wild illustrations and fresh headlines adorn the walls, the floor and the screens of the streetcar. Every ride in the Spross streetcar, which has been designed with great attention to detail, becomes a small voyage of discovery.


Responsible at Spross Holding: Christine Aschwanden (Assistant GL and Marketing). Responsible at Kreisvier Communications: Christian Jost-Cellarius (Client Service Director), Simone Brutsche (Project Management and Consulting), Achim Kaufmann (Senior Art Director), Andrea Somaini (DTP), Tanja Steiger (Text). Screen Design: Cover Media.

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