Erdmannpeisker and OgilvyOne rock the joint for Basler Versicherungen

Basler Versicherungen launches a new household insurance for young people under 30, whose lifestyle is rocked by the current campaign by Erdmannpeisker and OgilvyOne.


Out of the nest, into your first own place. A life with new freedoms begins. But with independence comes personal responsibility - you now have to decide for yourself how to insure your own four walls.

Erdmannpeisker and OgilvyOne pick up on this attitude to life in the current campaign and add a powerful shot of music. A cheekily produced spot in keeping with the youthful lifestyle and the three visuals "Stubenrocker," "Raumtänzer" and "Housemädchen" rock the house for the new younGo insurance company. Newsletters, social ads, banners and print mailings to the target group lead to a direct conclusion on the Microsite. For this purpose, selected influencers spread the campaign on social media.


From March, the #rockyourflat contest encourages you to dry yourself and share your entries an. And for additional engagement on the landing page, there is a content area with stories on the topic of household and lifestyle. The exclusive content partner is Vice, the world's leading media company for millennials, which brings additional relevance to the young target group. The "Walls of Sound" format, specially developed by Vice's music channel Noisey, includes videos and articles on the subject of music and living. These take place both on the Basler Versicherungen website and on Noisey Switzerland. In addition, the campaign is activated throughout Switzerland via the Vice network.


Responsible at Baloise: Marc Hallauer (Head of Marketing Switzerland), Yves Thiriet (Advertising Manager, Marketing Switzerland), Stefano Bucher (Project Manager Marketing Switzerland), Michael Besel (Head of Digital Marketing), Tamara Neskovic (Digital Marketing), Flavia Buser (Sales Promotion), Jenny Zuber (Digital Marketing). Responsible at Erdmannpeisker: Gabriel Peisker (Creative Director), Sybille Erdmann (Consulting), Patrick Fawer (Art Director), Urs Zwyssig/Oliver Krippahl (Text). Responsible at OgilvyOne: Benjamin Franken (Creative Director), Daniel Geiger (Head of Digital), Christoph Perner (Concept/Art Direction), Frank Engelhaupt (Concept/Text), Bettina Bellmont (Text), Emil Maeder (Graphic Designer Apprentice), Pascal Kuptz (Project Management), Mia Lehre (Project Management). Brand film Switzerland: Uli Scheper (production), Tanja Häring (direction and camera), Tobias Gromatzki (photo). Mediaschneider: Laurence Sass, Simon Racine, Laura Meier. Noisey/Vice: Julian Riegel (Deputy Editor Noisey), Florian Sonderegger (Head of Content), Florian Jacquier (Head of Business Development).

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