A virtual trip to paradise

The agency Responsive develops and realizes for the Glacé Coco Ice-Land of Midor the first shopping mall promotion in Switzerland for Migros, in which the visitors are involved with a virtual reality competition. The high-end virtual reality application convinces with a paradisiacal, photo-realistic 360 degree world, completely in 3D and the intuitive control.


Responsive developed and implemented a high-end interactive virtual reality (VR) game entirely in 3D for Midor's lactose-free and vegan Coco Ice-Land glacé. As one of the first interactive mall promotions in Virtual Reality, the customer amazement will be fantastic. The mobile stations will be deployed in various shopping centers, making them available to the general public free of charge.


A trip to 360 degrees paradise

Visitors to the promotion will enjoy a coconut palm-lined dream stand with a turquoise blue sea, immersing them in the "Paradice" of Coco Ice-Land. With the 360-degree panoramic view and South Seas music, the immersive experience is perfect.

Since the glacé is produced on the basis of coconut milk, the players have to catch as many coconuts as possible. The coconuts are thrown down by animated monkeys sitting on palm trees. The user rides on a turtle and holds a catching net in his hand. In this way, participants playfully learn about the brand's USP.

The control of the game is completely intuitive and suitable for young and old. After taking a seat on the wooden box, visitors are equipped with VR goggles and headphones. By means of a controller, the virtual fishing net is operated. The leisurely pace of the turtle gives users enough time to find their way around paradise.

The concept goes all the way to the real world

The agency, which specializes in online, mobile and VR applications, designed and implemented the entire VR presence together with object builder Cyrus Schwabe, which means 100 percent Swiss Made from A to Z.


Versatile in use, VR opens many doors

Virtual reality is ideally suited as an eye-catcher and guarantees a particularly strong brand experience. With the mobile version of VR glasses, the experience is basically possible anywhere. Interaction with the hands allows users to be involved to the maximum. Users only see and hear in VR what the developers want them to. Responsive is currently testing more possibilities with multi-user features that also allow social interactions. The possibilities of high-end VR are limitless.

The mall promotions will take place in major Migros shopping centers throughout Switzerland until the end of November 2017.

Responsible at Midor: Valérie Schnüriger (Trade Marketing Coordinator). Responsible at Responsive: Tuan Nguyen and Patrik Marty (both Managing Partners). Responsible for object construction: Cyrus Schwabe.

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