When a baby becomes a precautionary expert with precociousness

Swiss Life and Jung von Matt/Limmat focus on a longer, self-determined life. The star of the campaign is a little smart aleck.


According to the press release, the awareness campaign launched on Monday is intended to encourage people to look into personal pension planning. After all, people are living longer and longer and self-determination is therefore becoming increasingly important. For the campaign, Swiss Life and Jung von Matt/Limmat have brought "The Wise Baby" to life.

The wise baby is a little smart-ass with a Zurich dialect. He himself has the most to gain from an ever-longer life - which is why he serves as a symbol for it. In the first spot launched on Monday, the little precautionary expert meets his babysitter. Her protégé gives her advice before her nap.


For the ambitious idea of making a baby speak like an adult, the makers sought expertise from specialists. MPC was responsible for the post-production and visual effects. In a multi-stage process, 22 specialists taught the little precautionary expert to speak in over 362 man-days.


The comprehensive marketing campaign runs primarily via digital channels. In addition to the babysitter spot, measures are implemented in owned, earned and paid channels. The focus is on dialogue with customers. On the Campaign site interested parties can talk directly to the wise baby and get tips for a longer, self-determined life. For the current year, further measures are planned around the little expert. (hae/pd)


Responsible at Swiss Life: Elke Guhl (Chief Marketing Officer), Stefan Erhart (Head of Brand Experience), Martin Läderach (Head of Communications Switzerland), Anina Senn (Marketing Manager). Responsible at Jung von Matt/Limmat: Dennis Lück (Chief Creative Officer), Samuel Wicki, Pablo Schencke, Peter Brönnimann (Creative Direction), David Hanselmann, Florian Molinari (Art Direction), Tanja Jablanovic (Graphic Designer), Kurt Bösiger (Junior Art Director Digital), Ennio Cadau (Copywriter), Martin Schmidlin (Copywriter), Mateo Sacchetti (Copywriter), Andrea Walker (Consulting Group Manager), Jan Rohleder (Senior Consultant Digital), Fiona Gottwald (Consultant), Joël Frey (Senior PR Consultant), Cosima Lang (PR Specialist), Cyrill Lehmann (Web Developer). External partners: Michela Trümpi (Chocolate Films), Bart Timmer (director), MPC (CGI post-production).

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