KSP with "City Ideas

"City-Ideen" is the name of the new appearance for Coop City, conceived and designed by KSP.


"City Ideas" is the name of the new appearance for Coop City. These are ideas for spring, summer and fall. Ideas for living and feeling good, ideas for enjoyment and dreaming, and of course ideas for saving money. Because Coop City wants to provide inspiration for all kinds of life situations, naturally from all assortments such as fashion, beauty and living.


The new appearance, conceived and designed by KSP, is clearer, more modern and fresher in its images and graphics, but also more emotional than before. The new look can be seen immediately in brochures, in print, at POS and in shop windows of Coop City department stores.


Responsible at Coop City: Pia Bracher (Head of OB CM/Procurement Near&Nonfood); Ursula Künzle (Head of Advertising WH); Sonja Hunziker (Project Management Advertising WH); Felix Kubat (Head of WH). Responsible at KSP Krieg Schlupp Partner: Anita Kummer, Uwe Schlupp (creative direction); Jota Ziogas (art direction); Selina Russian (graphics); Daniel Zehnder (text); Harry Zogg (consulting management); Rahel Habersaat, Lara Roos (consulting); Manuela Pasanen (DTP); Karin Heer (photography); Andrea Maurer (styling); Detail (image editing).

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