Too hot for Zurich?

Ogilvy & Mather implemented the second campaign for the Indian restaurant Vulkan.


The Zurich restaurant Vulkan serves spicy food in the best Indian tradition. Ogilvy & Mather already implemented this last summer with a few equally spicy poster subjects in the style of the traditional Kamasutra. Another billboard was now to advertise the new offers of delivery service and evening buffet.

Ogilvy again relied on the illustrative imagery of the Kamasutra. The corresponding posters were hung throughout Zurich in December and January, and the streetcar hangers were planned for February. For VBZ, however, the whole thing was a bit too hot after the original subjects had provoked isolated reactions from streetcar passengers. This, in turn, inspired the creative team to paste a censorship bar over the subjects - whereupon the subjects were now hanging in the streetcars with the provocative question "Too hot for Zurich?


Responsible at Vulkan: Balwinder Singh (Owner). Responsible at Ogilvy & Mather: Thomas Bolliger (CD); Tino Heuter, Mark Levay (AD); Urs Westermann, Lilian Abegg (graphics); Markus Sidler, Marcel Elsener (text/concept); Gaby Zimmerli, Lisa Apolloni (consulting).

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