With the new Ovo Rocks, you can't do better than that.

Leo Burnett has created the launch campaign for Ovomaltine's latest product. The Ovo Rocks have a heart made of Ovaltine and are covered in Swiss chocolate.


Thanks to the practical packaging, they are always and everywhere quickly at hand and actually ideal for in between - would they only not distract at the crucial moment. Therefore, they also ensure that you can not do better. But longer. The focus of the launch commercial is a skater who is supposed to film the tricks of his buddies. A simple task, you might think. If it weren't for the ovo rocks always within reach.The TV spot will be on air from February 27th. In addition, the Ovo Rocks will be promoted with online banners and samplings at festivals.

Responsible at Ovomaltine: Christina Kieni Römer (Head of Marketing & Sales), Christof Stulz (Marketing Manager), Regula Fuchs-Krieger (Brand Manager). Responsible at Leo Burnett Switzerland: Ilija Gautschi, David Hugentobler, Lukas Tauss (creation), David Fischer (CD), Martin Stulz (ECD), Michael Gassler, Livia Otth (consulting), Suzana Kovacevic (FFF). Film Production: Halal, Nils Gerbens (director), Hielke Praagman (sound).

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