New appearance for vocational training marketing of the city of Winterthur

Jim & Jim, an agency specializing in youth marketing, has created a new overall image for vocational training marketing for the city of Winterthur.


For this purpose, a lion logo was developed, which can be adapted to all training professions offered by means of typical professional symbols. The new appearance was launched under the universal claim "Winti educates". The centerpiece is a promotional video, which was produced with apprentices from the city of Winterthur and shows the range of apprenticeships on offer. The content was disseminated online and offline using an effective media mix and as part of the "Winterthur apprenticeship market". The aim is to reach people interested in apprenticeships as well as parents and teachers and thus to sustainably strengthen the employer image of the city of Winterthur.

The City of Winterthur is one of the largest training providers in the region. The new appearance should help to connect with the young target group in an authentic and contemporary way, ultimately increasing the attractiveness and awareness of the apprenticeship offer. Jim & Jim was commissioned to develop and implement a concept for the overall appearance of the vocational training marketing of the city of Winterthur. This emphasizes the diverse range of apprenticeships offered by more than 30 apprenticeships, without losing the recognition value. During the concept phase, Jim & Jim also incorporated creative ideas from a vocational school class as well as results from a survey of students and apprentices.

Winti bildet Selfies

Jim & Jim created a logo in the shape of a lion, which is the heraldic animal of the city of Winterthur, as the key visual of the new appearance. This was supplemented with typical professional symbols for the individual training professions of the city of Winterthur and is thus versatile. The media mix consists of paid media (out-of-home, cinema advertising and social video ads) and owned media (website, company presentations and counter areas). The agency also developed promotional items and an interactive booth as part of the "Winterthur Apprenticeship Market." Young people were called upon to take a lion selfie in professional clothing and were thus able to learn about the various apprenticeship professions in a playful way.

Winti bildet Karten
Key Visuals mit Symbolen Winti bildet

Responsible at the city of Winterthur: Sarah Wolfensberger, Harald Reuter and apprentices of the city of Winterthur. Responsible at Jim & Jim: Fabio Emch (overall management), Annina Schamberger (project management), Gini Waldburger (art direction and conception), Andrea Müller (photography and project collaboration), Andrin Buchli (media planning), Made Marketing (interactive mirror/logistics), MM Motion Pictures (film production).

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