War Schlupp partner shipped for Stöckli ski in original size

The KSP agency developed an eye-catching mailing for Stöckli Swiss Sports.


So that customers can imagine exactly what their new dream ski looks like, KSP Krieg Schlupp Partner has unceremoniously sent it out in original size - in the form of a fold-out mailing. This is also the new catalog: On the back, the customer can find everything about the latest race machine from Stöckli. And lots of information about other new models. An eye-catching mailing that makes winter sports fans dream of new skis.

Responsible at Stöckli: David Kistler, Head of Marketing; Marco Alessandri (Head of Marketing Communications); Stephanie Baumgartner (Project Manager Marketing Communications). Responsible at KSP: Benny Goldstein (creative direction); Michelle Mancina, Florian Kech, Selina Russian (graphics); Patrick Bucher (copy); Marc Gooch (consulting); Bianca Jäger (DTP).

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