Advico Y&R promotes the new Migusto cooking initiative

Migros is launching a large-scale communication campaign, designed and implemented by Advico Y&R, for the launch of the Migusto cooking initiative. The agency is not only responsible for the communication, but was also involved in the development of the initiative's strategy.

Migros Migusto TVC Still

Advico Y&R supported Migros in a sound strategic process in the conception of the Migusto initiative, which bundles all of Migros' cooking expertise. The goal of the initiative is to inspire, advise and accompany the customer throughout the entire cooking process - from recipe search to shopping to cooking and enjoying.

Migros Migusto Website

Cooking for every life situation

The launch of Migusto is promoted with an extensive campaign by Advico Y&R. The communicative central idea: with cooking you don't just satisfy your hunger - with cooking you can give pleasure, impress guests, comfort girlfriends, say thank you, show your love, go on a journey and evoke memories.

Six spots dramatize different cooking needs with specific use cases. They communicate that cooking is as diverse as life and that Migusto has the right recipe for every situation, such as critical mothers-in-law, helpful firefighters or even homesick daughters. Cooking ability doesn't matter: the new cooking club is equally suitable for beginners, hobby cooks and professionals of all ages.

Migusto is advertised on TV, online, in print, on e-boards and with POS measures.


Responsible at MGB: Roman Reichelt (Head of Marketing Communications Directorate), Pascal Schaub (Head of Umbrella Brand), Miriam Benz (Head of Cooking Club), Christina Gelmi (Project Specialist Umbrella Campaigns), Rafael Schwarzmann (Project Manager Digital Communications), Valeria Marra (Project Manager Media). Responsible at Advico Y&R: Markus Gut (CCO), Swen Morath (ECD), Anna Leudolph (text), Sonja Gross, Stephanie Assfalg (AD), Diana Zberg, Leandro Correia (graphics), Urs Krucker, Andrea Pramor (strategy), Stéphanie Bertschi, Kerstin Schnyder (consulting), Elias Zurbuchen, An Le (DTP), Rafael Tucev, Fabrice Tobler (animation/programming). Film production: Tuna Production, Tufan Tuna (Executive Producer), Derya Tuna (Producer), Christian Bagger (Director), Baldur Eythorsson (DOP), Roland Frei (Music), Jingle Jungle (Sound). Photography: Claudia Linsi. Styling: Karin Frei; Image processing: Lorenz Wahl. Media: Media agency OMD Switzerland, Webrepublic.

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