High-tech laboratory chase

In the new "Dear Mobiliar..." commercial, Wirz and Mobiliar send a cleaner on a fast-paced mission.


A modern research laboratory, trimmed to be germ-free. A conscientious cleaner ensures cleanliness and order, wipes and scrubs. But then an unusual insect thwarts her cleaning plans. A fast-paced mission takes its course...

This year's spot for the "Dear Mobiliar...." campaign was set by the creative team at the Wirz agency in a highly technical working environment. Because even there - as told in the film in the humorous tone that has been familiar for almost twenty years - there are always new claims. Better to have insurance.

The spot is part of Die Mobiliar's annual umbrella campaign and will be seen on TV, in cinemas, online and on e-boards. In addition, the launch is accompanied by an online sweepstakes, where users have the opportunity to win their own cleaning specialist for an entire year.

Responsible at Die Mobiliar: Frédéric Zürcher (Head of Marketing Communications); Marianne Sterchi (Marketing Communications Specialist). Responsible at Wirz: Livio Dainese (CCO); Fernando Perez (ECD); Luca Schneider (AD); Alessandro Reintges (text); Stephanie Lüscher (graphics); Gordon Nemitz, Henrik Zapp (strategy); Pascal Fussen, Manuela Bührer, Yves Rückert (consulting); Bettina Fässler (art buying). Responsible at Stories: Tobias Fueter (director); Yves Bollag, Nicole Spring, Fabienne Marcolin (production); Holger Diener (camera); Luca Bruegger (sound design); Jingle Jungle (voice-over); Fabian Kimoto (color grading); Stories/Cloudscape (post-production).

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