Golden times for the concrete block

Not only a new campaign, but also a revamped branding: Made is giving the Swiss Music Awards a new look for its anniversary edition.


Next Friday, the Swiss Music Awards will celebrate their tenth anniversary. Since the first edition, the event has grown from a scene award to the most important national music prize. Made was commissioned to express this development in a revised branding.


The "concrete block" is literally cemented: Cube and material remain. Otherwise, Made has rethought the award under the premise "from event to format". Stone and logo will be formally revised and put into a new perspective. Special effort will be invested in the development of a layout system. SMA communication is to develop a visual continuity over the years. The year is at the center of this and initiates a series with the 2017 edition.

The layers of the layout dive into a new theme every year. For the anniversary edition, the concrete block takes a gold bath - after all, round birthdays should be celebrated in a special way.


Responsible for Swiss Music Awards: Oliver Rosa (Executive Producer); Anja Diggelmann and Rubina Meixger (Project Managers). Responsible at Made Identity: Adrian Glatthorn and Alexander Weis (Creative Direction); Georg Gadient (Consulting); Karin Hauser and Catherine Schubiger (Graphics). Key Visual & Motion Design: Simon Renfer and Jürg Dummermuth from Ploy Studio. Lithography: Marjeta Morinc. Sound design: Adrian Bühler from Audiofarm. SRF design team: Andreas Dürr (AD); Thomas Gloor (AD) and Jessica Lanter (project management).

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