The Töffli-Bueben from the 117

On behalf of the Swiss Association of Public Service Employees (VPOD), Spina's Civil Voices is campaigning against the Corporate Tax Reform III.


A lot is at stake on the Sunday of February 12. A lot of money that may soon be missing from the public purse. That is, if the Corporate Tax Reform III were to be accepted. The billions that would be lost as a result of the tax shortfall would primarily affect the care sector, education and the police. In order to draw attention to this deplorable state of affairs, the VPOD commissioned the advertising agency Spinas Civil Voices with a viral. The result is a funny short film that dramatizes or miniaturizes the problem with a wink.

Responsible at VPOD: Stefan Giger (General Secretary), Natascha Wey (Central Secretary), Tanja Lantz (Production Advertising Media). Responsible at Spina's Civil Voices: Matthias Freuler, Stephan Huwiler, Guido Huwiler, Mirko Cresta (creation), Meike Sprankel (consulting), Veera Juvonen (seeding), Tom Malecha (direction), Valentin Altdorfer (pocket bike designer).

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