Stories of a strong Switzerland

The bilateral agreements strengthen Switzerland at the heart of Europe. Together with the Geyst agency, the stark+vernetzt initiative has gone in search of clues and presented ten very personal experiences with the bilaterals in a variety of portraits.

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Who is attracted to Switzerland thanks to the bilaterals, how are "Erasmus" and "Horizon 2020" related to the bilaterals, and to what extent does air transport benefit from the bilaterals?

Together with the Zurich agency Geyst, the stark+vernetzt initiative met ten very different people who have one thing in common: They know from their own experience how important the bilateral agreements are. Because these treaties form the basis of a solid partnership at eye level and bring great benefits to Switzerland. In trade as well as in research and culture.

Andreas Hinterberger, for example, successfully sells his cheese specialties from Gais in Germany and France. Norbert Pratt, as CEO of the Titlis lifts, is happy that his guests can travel barrier-free. And Daniel Weder, as head of Skyguide, is working to overcome European airspace borders.

The ten personal stories and the photographic portraits can be found in a colorful and diverse storybook. The additional video portraits also enable contemporary storytelling in digital channels, e.g. on or on social media platforms.

stark+vernetzt is an initiative of Economiesuisse and is now widely supported by numerous other organizations. The campaign has a positive focus and serves to inform and raise awareness among the various target groups - online and offline.


Responsible at stark+vernetzt: Karin Mateu, Oliver Steimann (project management). Responsible at Geyst: Florian Spierling, Marcel Capeder, Emanuel Scheidegger, Matthias Kadlubsky (creation), Venanzio Peterle (image editing), Barbara Müller, Steph Huber (consulting). Other partners: Mount Harbor - Christian Brandes, Daniel Infanger (Film & Photography)

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