Finding a place in society

The agency Kreienbühl und Vogler has created a festive subject for Suva.


Sometimes young people need help to find their place in society. That is why Suva supports the institution "Agilas" with a donation. This enables young people with special needs to receive training and thus enter the professional world.

The result of this commitment can be seen on the pointed, festive Christmas motif developed by Kreienbühl and Vogler, which is currently being used as a Suva Christmas card and in the electronic media.


Responsible at Suva: Daniela Bassi (Head of Communications & Marketing), Urs Schaad (Head of Marketing Communications), Ralph Heidemann (Communications Consulting). Responsible at Kreienbühl and Vogler advertising agency: Reto Vogler, Oli Kreienbühl, Marco Donada, Fabian Schiltknecht; Marie-Christine Gerber (photography), Michèle Aschmann (image editing), Monica Santana (set design).

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