The first photo booth accessible by bicycle

Simply ride through on your bike and the automatically taken photos are ready to go - the "Velofotomat" innovation designed and implemented by Freundliche Grüsse is proving very popular.


How will Zurich be cycling in 2025? Following this question, Freundliche Grüsse has designed an interactive box for the city of Zurich. With it, cyclists can be transported into the future.

The technically sophisticated machine was first tested at the Urban Bike Days 2016, and at the beginning of December it was the big crowd puller at the opening of the new Oerlikon station: The bicycle photo booth. It shows the commitment of the city. With the Velofotomat, future (bicycle) projects are brought closer in an entertaining, involving way.


And this is how the vending machine works: There is a signal light at the entrance that signals the start. A laser barrier triggers several photos that capture the cyclist at full speed. The photos are immediately printed out and placed in an envelope. A die-cut area shows the cyclist in a future backdrop of the city of Zurich. In the envelope, the current projects of the Civil Engineering Office are briefly presented - such as the reconstruction of Oerlikon station.


Responsible at the Civil Engineering Office of the City of Zurich: Evelyne Richiger, Ruth Furrer. Responsible at Friendly regards: Pascal Deville, Samuel Textor (Creative Direction), David Elmiger (Text), Sean Dünki, Nadine Mojado (Graphics), Christian Haueter (Consulting), Erwan Eydt (Programming), Valentin Altorfer (Engineering); Frontwork (Box).

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