Presented: graubündenVIVA" sub-brand

Interbrand develops the design and brand strategy of "graubündenVIVA". The sub-brand was presented on Friday.

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Graubünden, like any other region, is exposed to an increasingly tough competitive situation. By focusing on the cross-sector and cross-regional brand strategy "NaturMetropole", "graubünden" has created the basis for successfully competing with other regions. The way to achieve this is through profile projects that change and expand the perception of the region. With "graubündenVIVA. Enjoyment from the mountains" is the first project to be launched.


For the design of "graubündenVIVA" The brand consultancy Interbrand, which also developed the "graubünden" brand, is responsible for the brand strategy behind the sub-brand. Based on the strategic positioning of "graubündenVIVA" developed by Quant, Interbrand has developed a brand strategy for the unique, multi-year project in Switzerland to strengthen Graubünden as a location through the theme of nutrition and culinary arts, as well as to market the region as a centre of gourmet culture.

"graubündenVIVA": Gieri Spescha, (Project Manager Brand, Graubünden Ferien); Ivo Haldner and Andreas Bärtsch (Author Team "graubündenVIVA"); Quant; Andreas Rotzler (Chief Creative Officer, Interbrand Switzerland/Central & Eastern Europe).

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