Forget the disease for a moment

FCB Zurich created a joint campaign for the Theodora Foundation and Helsana.


Helsana supports the Theodora Foundation as a long-standing partner and is thus committed to providing carefree moments in difficult times for sick and injured children. With a national campaign for the Theodora Foundation, the health insurer is now demonstrating that its commitment goes far beyond conventional sponsorship.

Real emotions for real commitment

The campaign developed by FCB Zurich impressively shows what the work of the Theodora artists does for the children affected and makes an emotional appeal for donations. In a total of eight spots, real patients tell their illness story, sometimes thoughtfully and sometimes in tears, when they are suddenly and completely unexpectedly surprised by an artist. The unadulterated change of their emotions, from a worried look to hearty laughter, simply shows how much light the so-called dream doctors bring into the grey everyday hospital life.

Children's eyes do not lie

What is particularly touching about the films is that the children look at the viewer the whole time. In order to be able to read the emotions directly in their eyes, director Marco Grob hid his camera behind a mirror during the entire shoot so that the children could only see his face. While the patients were telling his reflection about their suffering, he suddenly disappeared and an artist from the Theodora Foundation appeared out of nowhere. Thanks to this trick, it was possible for the first time to show the children's reactions from the perspective that otherwise only the artists see.

The emotional campaign was launched last week on social media and in Swiss cinemas. With over 1.5 million views and hundreds of encouraging comments, the stories have met with a great response online and touched users throughout Switzerland. The additional attention and the coverage in the national media offer the best conditions for a positive development of the donation income of the Theodora Foundation.


Responsible at Helsana: Simon Neuner (Head of Marketing & Communications), Yves Ekmann (Head of Live Experience), Monika Luck, Nicole von Arx (Live Experience), Ramun Brunner (Social Media), Stefan Heini, Dragana Glavic (Media Office). Responsible at Theodora Foundation: Othmar Bamert (Head of Corporate Communication), Simona Waldburger (Project Manager). Responsible at FCB Zurich: Andy Lusti, Marcin Baba (Creative Direction), Fabian Zahner (Copywriter), Paul Labun (Art Director), Mark Becher (Client Service Director), Jonas Brändli (Consulting), Emanuel Büchler (Content Development Film), Remo Brunner (PR/Campaigning); Lina Baumann (Production), Marco Grob (Direction and Photography), Südlich-t (Post Production), Tonstudios Z (Sound Design). Responsible at Konnex: Monica Jäggi (co-owner), Peter Döbeli (co-owner), Judith Bischoff (media planning).

For more information about the project, please visit the campaign website at

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