Switzerland meets Hollywood

In the new cinema spot of the credit institution Schweizer Kredit, Hollywood meets reality.


Everyone wants to fulfill their wishes and dreams. But in the harsh reality, this is not always as easy as one imagines. To pick up on this premise, Guave Motion has taken Hollywood's "dream factory" as its model.

The spot is aimed at the audience in the cinema and on the Internet. To get their attention right at the beginning, scenes of a typical action movie are shown first, packed with suspense. But soon viewers are pulled out of the cheesy scenes and provoked with the question of whether life really works out the way you want it to. The text is spoken by the German dubbing voice of Bruce Willis.

Guave Motion took over the entire production: From conception to shooting to post-production, everything comes from a single source.

Responsible at Schweizer Kredit: Chris Moos. Responsible at Guave Motion: Sergio Herencias (director & producer), André Guadagno (cinematographer), soundtrack (Fabio Chindamo).

Behind the Scenes:

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