Donate together

The Migros Christmas campaign 2016 tells a story with heart and a powerful message: No one should be overlooked at Christmas. At the same time, last year's very successful fundraising campaign is being continued.


"Let's celebrate together. Let's give together" - this is the motto of this year's Migros Christmas campaign, which starts nationwide on November 18. The aim is clear: those who are not on the sunny side of life should also be able to enjoy the festive season. Every 8th person in Switzerland is at risk of poverty.

With the nationwide fundraising campaign, Switzerland's largest retailer is following up on last year's successful campaign. At the end of 2015, a total of around 6.12 million Swiss francs was raised through the sale of Schoggi hearts and all other channels. The amount was distributed in equal parts to the organizations Heks, Caritas, Pro Juventute, and Winterhilfe Schweiz.


This year, in addition to the organizations mentioned, the money collected will also go to Pro Senectute. Because in addition to young people in need, there are also many older people who are threatened by poverty and are dependent on support.

To draw attention to the fundraising campaign, the Wirz agency is implementing a campaign starting in the last week of November that centers on the story of a teddy bear whose owner loses interest in him in the meantime because the new, blinking robot dog seems so much more attractive. The teddy represents all those who are forgotten.

Finally, a bridge is built to the stores and the Migros offers: every purchase over 20 francs during Advent earns points for one of three cute stuffed teddy bears, which will soon become the companions of many girls and boys. Web films, animated banners and various social media campaigns accompany this part of the big Christmas campaign.

"For this year's Christmas campaign, we wanted to tell the theme of forgetting and being overlooked with a strong, touching story," says Livio Dainese, Chief Creative Officer at Wirz. "With the story of the best friend who is forgotten for a short time, we can charmingly point out the grievance."

Désirée Strassmann, Head of Umbrella Campaigns at the Federation of Migros Cooperatives, adds: "Migros has a decades-long donation tradition. We are proud to be able to continue this with full vigor during the 2016 Advent season. Migros is part of Switzerland. The "we" feeling is part of our DNA. So this year, too, no one should be forgotten as we collect for all those who are less well off."

The campaign will run until the end of the year. The chocolate hearts for 5, 10 and 15 Swiss francs are now available in all stores. All the resulting proceeds will be donated in full - and topped up by Migros by one million francs following the campaign. So that no one is forgotten.

Responsible at the Federation of Migros Cooperatives: Marion Ammann (Overall Project Management, Senior Project Manager Theme Promotions), Eva Meyer (Junior Project Manager Theme Promotions/Digital Communication) Désirée Strassmann (Head of Umbrella Campaigns), Christoph Vogler (Senior Project Manager Umbrella Campaigns), - Simone Blaser (Project Manager Media). Responsible at Wirz: Livio Dainese (Chief Creative Officer), Fernando Perez (Executive Creative Director), Niels Schäfer, Chantal Heimo, (Art Direction), Simon Smit, Roger Krage (Text), Alexandra Kaufmann, Vanessa Savi,(Graphics), Petra Dreyfus (Managing Director), Catrin Bewersdorff, Patricia Kuster, Rebekka Dolenc, Martina Limacher, Lea Friberg (Consulting), Gordon Nemitz (Executive Strategy Director), Adrian Huwyler, Calvin Kröhne (Digital), Adrian Schräder, Antonia Frind (Wirz Storyline), Nicole Suter, Bettina Faessler (Art Buying), Dominik Sommer (Production), Ruedi Boller, Thomas Peller, Sonja Jegen, Carmen Wittmann, Ramona Trebucchi (DTP), Rino Frei (Image Editing), Sebahat Derdiyok (Agency Producer). Responsible at Stories: Tobi Fueter (Director), Yves Bollag (Producer), Pascal Walder (Camera), Nicole Spring (Producer), Beni Fueter (Edit), UPP (Post Production).

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