March to happiness

Jung von Matt and Blick launch the third film of the wish campaign "Heute ist alles drin".


What do you actually want most while you have to march 60 kilometers? In the approximately three-minute film, 17 officer candidates are accompanied on the energy-sapping 60-kilometer march to answer this question. The first kilometers and the sleep deprivation of several days weigh on the mind on this October morning. When the army members spot the light show of a Chilbi attraction at dawn, the march takes a moving turn. It was to be an unforgettable march for the aspirants, not only because of the exertions - because the wishes for rest, surprise and even food from mom were fulfilled.

Reporter team captures great emotions

The surprised were accompanied by a camera team under false pretenses. This team did not produce a report as announced, but captured the three surprises up close, including all the emotions. Thanks to an alert mind and six cameras, the 25-strong team managed to capture all the surprise moments on film. The film will draw attention to the Blick wish campaign from Tuesday. Short versions can also be seen in cinemas, on TV and in online advertising formats.

Since the summer of 2015, readers of Blick and SonntagsBlick have been able to formulate their wishes. With a bit of luck, these will be fulfilled by the helpful wish team of the Blick Group. In this way, people with the most diverse wishes have already been made happy over 40 times.

Some of these wishes and their realization become entertaining stories that create interesting content for the editorial teams of the Blick titles. In this way, not only the wish granters but also the readers get something out of the campaign. With this campaign, Blick-Titel shows its closeness to its readership.

Responsible at Ringier: Nicolas Pernet (Head of Marketing Blick Group); Marie-Eve Blumer (Project Manager Marketing Blick Group). Responsible at Jung von Matt: Dennis Lück (Chief Creative Officer); Samuel Wicki (Creative Direction); Johannes Raggio (Creative Direction); David Hanselmann (Art Direction); Jan Kempter (Text); Tanja Jablanovic (Graphics); Sarida Bossoni (Art Buying); Sabrina Arthur, Kathrin Gautschi, Marie-Hélène Thornton, Andrea Braschler, Nicolas Renzen (Consulting); Joël Frey, Cosima Lang, Josefine Krabbe (PR, Content and Seeding). External partners: Pumpkin Film (production); Kai Sehr (director); Jingle Jungle (sound studio).

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