Appenzeller: 50 years top-of-mind

Switzerland's most famous secret recipe remains secret. Appenzeller cheese and Contexta make sure of that, even after almost 50 years of cooperation.


More than 70 percent of sales decisions are made at the point of sale. How can a brand cause it to be permanently in first place in the perception of its customers? Almost 50 years ago, the Appenzeller® cheese brand was one of the first clients of the Contexta agency in Berne, and today it is a showcase example of unique and continuous brand management. In contrast to the brand stories usually based on enjoyment situations in the cheese market, a different approach was chosen for the Appenzeller natural product. The communicative guiding idea: The recipe of its unique taste remains secret.

In order to remain relevant and to inspire in the long term, this basic idea is staged anew again and again. The efforts to elicit the secret recipe from the three Appenzell alpine dairymen seem limitless and have been carried out for years with ever more unusual means. In the process, the Alpine dairymen have even had to assert themselves in the face of current economic-political topics and Internet challenges. But they remain persistent and give nothing away. The recipe remains secret. The fact that the dairymen's silence is gold for the cheese manufacturer - in this case EFFIE gold - was recently demonstrated by the Evergreen campaign being honored with a SWISS EFFIE Award.

Now the iconic Appenzell alpine dairymen are back: Three current TV commercials kick off the continuation of the award-winning campaign. You can also look forward to entertainment in the digital space.

Responsible at SO Appenzeller cheese: Christoph Holenstein (Director), Monika Walser (Head of Marketing and Communications). Responsible Lead Agency: Contexta. Responsible for Media at Mediaplus: Christian-Kumar Meier (Managing Director). Responsible for TV production at stories: Jon Barber (director); Filip Zumbrunn (DOP); Yves Bollag (executive producer); Stefanie Bereiter (line producer).

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