Share the Fun

Gerber is ringing in the fondue season with a new campaign: The focus is on having fun, sharing with others, spending time as a host with guests instead of in the kitchen.


Ogilvy Zurich has translated this core message into a rocking TV spot, social media measures and a new website Packed.

The new appearance is intended to update the brand and appeal to a younger target group. The TV spot therefore borrows formally from the visual language of video clips, underpinned by a specially composed Gerber song. For the special camera perspective fixed on the host, the main actor carried a special frame, on which the camera was mounted, through the individual locations. In addition to the fun aspect, the different locations show that fondue is not bound to winter, mountain chalet or family table, but can be served spontaneously anywhere and anytime.

Under the thematic umbrella of the host and the claim "Share the Fun", the website was also created, which will be further enriched with special host tips in the future. And, of course, the "Share" aspect comes into its own in the social media measures that Ogilvy developed for Gerber.


Responsible at Emmi (Gerber): Robin Barrablough (CMO), Thomas Heller (Marketing Manager), Claudia Waniek (Group Brand Manager), Martina Müller (Brand Manager). Responsible at Ogilvy: Gaby Zimmerli (overall responsibility), Thomas Bolliger (CD), Tino Heuter (AD) and Markus Sidler (strategy, text), Sam Hug, Lisa Apolloni (consulting). Film production: Embassy Berlin; Antonin Pevny (director), Tobias Wölfel (producer). Media: Mediacom: Stefania Parnigotto, Veronique Posselt.

Read more about the campaign in the Advertising Week 18/2016 - in your mailbox on November 4, 2016.


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