New subjects for FHNW

The School of Life Sciences FHNW is using a campaign to draw attention to its information events for Bachelor's degree programs.


With two new subjects, In Flagranti Communication continues the successful student acquisition campaign at the Hochschule für Life Sciences FHNW (HLS). Again based on the look of handwriting on blackboard, the questions "Will Big Data soon steer doctors?" and "Do fluors also illuminate tumors?" These are based on real projects at HLS. They advertise the bachelor's degree programs in biomedical informatics and chemistry. Furthermore, in flagranti communication developed the concept for a week of reporting on the topic of life sciences in the Basel area. During Europe's leading industry event, Basel Life Sciences Week, Radio Energy broadcast reports on everyday research at the university. The campaign has been a complete success so far, writes the agency. Just two weeks after it began, the HLS had already recorded a new record number of registrations for its first information day.


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