Self-determined health

After the rebranding, Branders launches the new campaign for Atupri. It can be seen throughout Switzerland from 24 October.

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In order to meet the changing customer needs that people have today with regard to their health insurance, the Zurich-based consulting firm has implemented a comprehensive rebranding for Atupri ( reported). In addition to a new positioning, this also includes making it possible to experience the brand at all points of contact. In line with the omnichannel approach, i.e. the holistic linking of brand, customer behavior and communication, Branders also designed and implemented a new advertising campaign for Atupri.

Atupri is now positioned as a health insurer that enables people to make the right decisions for their own health. Self-determined health is therefore also the focus of the new campaign. Its core idea is as simple as it is empowering: people already have everything they need to live their health, their body with all its strengths and weaknesses. As the campaign images show, it's not about perfection and unattainable beauty ideals, but about real, individual bodies with all their scars and supposed imperfections. Because it's people's lives and health, they should decide for themselves what's right for them, their bodies and their health. And if they need support, Atupri is by their side. The campaign will be on TV spots across Switzerland from 24 October, as well as on posters, e-panels (moving posters) and online.


Responsible at Atupri: Kaspar Trachsel (Head of Marketing and Sales and Member of the Executive Board), Regula Meier (Head of Marketing Communications). Responsible at Branders: René Allemann (CEO), Thom Pfister (Creative Director), Maria Fahringer (Senior Brand Designer), Katja Wölfel (Senior Copywriter), Ina Bernhardt (Brand Consultant). Responsible at Stories: Christian Aebi (Director), Yves Bollag (Executive Producer), Billy Bains (Post Production Manager). Photographer Campaign: Tobias Gromatzki

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